Sunday, July 18, 2010

San Francisco & Napa: A Solid Meal at Redd

Without a doubt there are plenty of great dining spots Napa - if only we had the time and luxury to try them all! Maybe in due time. In addition to the famous French Laundry, we also made a dinner stop at Redd, in the heart of Yountville. It had a very different feel - more casual (but that's relative), more modern, and a crowd that all seemed very comfortable in the restaurant. We felt a little like we were intruding on an average night out for locals at Redd!

We were excited and overwhelmed by the menu to start, there were so many delicious sounding items. We had to consult our waiter in what we could reasonable eat! By looking around the room, we could tell the portions were healthy and we didn't want to over-order. Ultimately, we decided to start with the special lamb bolognaise and rabbit mole. The lamb was unfortunately pretty disappointing, tasting no different that "regular" bolognaise, although the fresh gnocchi was quite good. The rabbit mole was savory and unique - intense in flavor with a homey feel. It was served with cheddar grits and tortilla salad. Think of it has a high end taco salad! I thought nothing much of it at first, but with each taste I liked it more and more.

I knew what main I would have the moment we arrived, because I had spied some delicious plates around the room, particularly the John Dory - a white fish served in a mélange of clams, chorizo, and curry on jasmine rice. It looked and smelled delicious. It was tasty as I had expected, and I believe it is the best dish on the menu.

Overall Redd was good, but not an exceptionally exciting dining experience. I have no doubt the quality remains consistent, but it was not the "must experience" kind of restaurant we had believed it to be.

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