Friday, July 9, 2010

San Francisco: Fresh Crab at Fisherman's Wharf!

One of the main reasons I love SF is for Fisherman's Wharf - I love the casual, crowded atmosphere in which to get some delicious food! Delicious seafood-streetfood!? I was in heaven! It was our first stop as soon as we arrived in San Francisco - I needed to see the ocean and get some sourdough and chowder in me! We explored Pier 39, which was more bustling than I remember, crowded with tourists and restaurants at every corner. We quickly ducked into Chowders for white (New England) clam chowder in sourdough bowl and a crab and shrimp poorboy. It was tasty and satisfying! We also ventured over to the seafood stands on Taylor street - this is what I came for! We managed to indulge in a bowl of lobster bisque from Nick's before happily heading back to the hotel.

But of course, one visit was not enough. After touring some of the best restaurants in SF and Napa area, I was craving just some good ol' crab! We made one more visit to the wharf for an early lunch before leaving the city. Getting down there early was key, as the stalls were not yet crowded and we had the luxury of scoping out each stand before making a decision. I had read some good reviews on Aliotos online, and was ready to even fork out for a restaurant sit-down meal....but alas, the crab stand was the best deal and featured a small patio seating area for patrons (being early also allowed us to find a table without any problems!). We ordered a small crab, cracked and guts included (honestly, what a waste otherwise!) which took up two paper trays, a crab sandwich (which had the best reviews - amazingly sweet crab meat), and even some clam chowder. This was probably one of my favourite meals in the city, and was exactly what I was craving - delicious and sweet fresh crab while enjoying the beautiful weather! I like to think we were attracting a bit of a crowd as I happily enjoyed my crab, since many stopped to watch us dive through our cracked crab. Yummmmm. I have no doubt the restaurant is fantastic, but if you ask me, the crab stand is the way to go - my whole succulent crab only cost me $13 and is prepared the best way possible, STEAMED and FRESH! Restaurants will run you $30+. We even took a crab sandwich to go for the flight! In truth, I can't really say it is better crab than the other stands, but we had such a great experience, I'd be happy to go back any day!!

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