Sunday, February 7, 2010

WINTERLICIOUS: Trevor Kitchen is Chic and Delicious!

Trevor Kitchen is one of those really cool restaurants that you can go again and again, with friends, for a party, for a date - it has a warm, modern vibe that isn't too pretentious. And the food is good too! Last night, we went with our friends Allyn and Gloria for our next Winterlicious outing.

First I have to mention that the Winterlicious menu is very good - an assortment of choices for appetizers and mains. There were several that I would have been happy to eat, but of course, could not resist the duck confit shepherd's pie. In the end, this was probably my favourite food of the night, the duck was drowned in a delicious gravy with light mashed potatoes on top. I was glad we still had bread on the table as Al and I both took to cleaning out our bowls of any remnant sauce. Yum! Tony had the ricotta gnocci - also delicious but simply overshadowed by the unique shepherd's pie. Gloria had the parsnip soup, which was a beautiful colour when served, and although I did not taste it, I have no doubt it was delicious as well. We had a great start to our meal!

For mains, I had surf & turf - Alberta beef with jumbo pawn and goat cheese poutine. Honestly, how could I turn that down? My steak came perfect, medium rare but closer to rare (I appreciate when they get it right!), but my poutine was a little cold and generally unspectacular. Tony's suckling pig with split pea puree (pictured) had a very unique taste with just a hint of spice. Gloria's port braised beef cheeks was delicious - a very tender, homey dish served with a horseradish cream that added just a kick to the beef cheeks.

Dessert was a WOW experience for me - the passionfruit tiramisu was served as a big fluffy pastry and I devoured the entire plate. Al had the chocolate and caramel torte which came with a smooth peanut butter chantilly. Although I am generally not a fan of caramel or peanut butter, this dessert was undeniably very unique. Tony had a creme brulee to finish his meal, and although it was good, again, I felt it was overshadowed by my delicious tiramisu and Al's unique torte. To top it all off, our bill came with freshly made blue cotton candy - what a fun way to finish our meal! We left happy, bellies full, and tongues blue.

I highly recommend Trevor Kitchen, a fun place for a drink and of course, a great place to have dinner. We had a great experience and felt like it could have been any night at the restaurant, not defined by Winterlicious but it's a bonus that our three course meal was only $35....simply can't go wrong!

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