Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sukiyaki Hot Pot at Nami

On Friday here in Toronto, we were covered in snow. Although I never need an excuse to hot pot, it is always the meal of choice in the wintery cold, and this week was no different. While Tony and I normally favour Ematei, we joined our friends Julie and Daniel at Nami to try out their version of nabe (Japanese hot pot). What could be better than sharing a delicious meal over cold beer and chatter with friends on a Friday night??

The sukiyaki hot pot is one for meat lovers - served with thinly sliced Black Angus to be simmered in sweet soy sauce base. The waitress got our hot pot started, pouring the sauce into a shared black iron pot and filling it with onions and other vegetables to bring out more sweet flavours. The broth is rich, and the meat is cooked to your heart's desire. I favoured the other items that came with our platter, like tofu, udon and vegetables as a means to offset the intense flavour of the broth, but the significant meat portion sure was filling for the boys!

Nami was a nice change for us, and I found the sashimi appetizer to be quite fresh, deeming a return to be inevitable. Julie and I are both avid mushroom lovers, and our mixed mushroom platter from the grill was delicious. The hot pot is set up cost/person (2 min), so there's always room to order other items when visiting with friends! Maybe next time we'll try the bonito broth based Yose Nabe.

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