Saturday, February 6, 2010

WINTERLICIOUS: Quality Food, Service, and Ambiance at North 44

North 44 has been our favourite Winterlicious outing to date, and we couldn't resist making another stop in this time around. I fondly remember the braised pork belly and rabbit pappardelle we had last year! We originally took a Friday, 9:30pm reservation, which of course was less than ideal, but when calling to confirm, we thankfully landed a 6:30pm cancellation!

Seared ahi tuna with jalapeno, coriander and sriracha mayo - firm, fresh and tasty light flavour bringing out the best of the ahi tuna.
Steak tartare with fried capers - delicious but not exceptionally unique.

Pan seared supreme of Artisan chicken, egg yolk and truffle risotto, onion compote and natural reduction - "supreme" refers to the chicken breast that has been removed when raw (just eating chicken breast after it is cooked doesn't count!). I rarely, if ever, order chicken in a restaurant, because it is almost always dry and rough; but this chicken dish was unbelievable, it was incredibly smooth and silky in texture and the meat was firm and juicy. The risotto was also heavenly, prepared just perfect - I can never resist a truffle infused dish!
Organic salmon with crisp skin and bok choy - while this was less unique than my chicken, the fish was quite fresh, boasting a clear salmon taste (rare out here in Atlantic salmon). The fish was served beautifully with a light foam and traditionally prepared bok choy bringing out the fresh flavours.

We both had the delicious dark chocolate truffle tart. The biscuit bottom tasted like shortbread (yum!) and the indulgent chocolate was exactly the right finish to our meal. On our last visit, the dessert paled in comparison to the appetizers and mains, but this time, the dessert really completed our meal. This tart was to die for!

North 44
is undeniably one of the best restaurants in the city - great food, great ambiance. They deliver exceptional food with quality service that you expect from a fine dining establishment, sacrificing nothing during Winterlicious. The restaurant was well staffed and our dinner came quick, allowing North 44 to turnover several times - good planning, and great way to attract loyal patrons. While we've never splurged for a regular meal, we know it can only be better from our small experiences during Winterlicious!

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  1. just wondering if the egg yolk is on top of the risotto or mixed in? im not a fan of the taste of eggs and wondering how prominent the taste is?

    im going tomorrow for winterlicious.