Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Prague Fine Food Emporium: A Family Style Gem on Queen West

I have mentioned Prague in the blog before - I LOVE this little Czech deli. I still remember the first time I stumbled upon this place while exploring the Queen West area - I had not had Czech food since backpacking in Europe back in 2004. I loved it then, and imagine my delight to find this little gem!

Prague offers the ultimate in homemade comfort food in generous proportions - truly fine food for an incredibly low price. There is something on the menu for everyone, whether you are adventurous or prefer something more familiar sounding: roast duck with braised cabbage, beef with bread dumplings soaked in sauce, classic perogies and roast pork, and my favourite: tripe soup. This week, we stopped in for brunch with Lorena and Calvin and of course, it was as good as always. Our bonus was that the soups are offered as early as 10am! I CRAVE the tripe soup, it is rich in taste and absolutely amazing. We have also had liver dumpling soup in the past, and it was a pleasant reminder of the delicious meals Lorena and I had while traveling. On this brunch day, I had a savoury palcinky (like a savoury crepe) with smoked salmon and two poached eggs. Tony's Czech hot cakes were topped with blueberry compote and sour cream - they were adorable little pancakes and delicious (of course) to boot.

This is truly one of our favourite spots in Toronto and I hope you will go and try it! It closes on weekdays at 7pm, and even earlier on weekends, so make an early run for dinner. And not to worry, breakfast starts at 7:30am!

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