Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Delux Bistro in Trendy Ossington

Ossington is the newest up and coming area for food - we've had a great experience so far at Foxley (yummy Asian inspired tapas) and have heard good things about Pizzeria Libretto with an oven flown in from Italy. We decided to try out Delux with our friends Abby and Denis this past Friday, something a little off the beaten path.

Delux is shabby-chic, true to the cool vibe of the Ossington area.

Our dinner highlights:
Cubano sandwhich - yummy "appetizer" that is definitely for sharing (enough to be a meal). It is a hearty dish, comfort food at its best.
Snapper prepared just perfect with a bit of crispy skin and served in a creamy boulabaise broth - delicious!
Sablefish - my favourite! Sablefish is normally a very meaty fish, but it was prepared to JUST the right temperature and for the right time because it was incredibly tender and silky.

Delux is a good place to catch up with friends - it offers a relaxed casual atmosphere with light hearty food. I'm curious how often the menu changes since it does not have a wide range, although there were dinner and appy specials. The food was good, but just above average given our many choices in the city; however, we did enjoy our time there and think it is worth checking out.

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