Monday, June 1, 2009

Delicious Tapas at Lee for Girls Night Out!

I was happy to visit Lee with some friends visiting from the West this past weekend....and glad that they had a good foodie experience! Lee is one of our favourite spots in Toronto - one of our first visits there had the server disproving our adament insistence to order 6 dishes between Tony and myself. We told her we had big appetities, and she was convinced we wouldn't have been able to finish it all (plus it wouldn't fit on our table)....and she was right. We underestimated the good portion sizes, especially for 2 people! The restaurant is best enjoyed with 4+ people so you can sample more dishes. It is a casual/funky restaurant that is reasonably priced and was well suited to our girls' night out. I have been numerous times (including my last birthday) and always have a good experience. The drinks are yummy and refills come fast and often - try the ume martini if you want something a little different. The King West location is also convenient for a post-dinner night out.

Menu favourites:
Singapore Slaw - 17 ingredients! As my friend reflected "imagine needing 17 ingredients to make a salad!" It was delicious as always and loved by all. This is a favourite at Lee and a MUST have.
Braised Beef - one of my favourite dishes, the beef is falling-apart tender. Especially good for any boys you bring along to dinner to prove that tapas can be filling!
Black Cod - this seems to be the new "it" fish at restaurants, and it is delicious at Lee, done just perfectly and includes plenty to go around for 4. You can't eat at Lee without trying this dish.

The first couple times I went to Lee, I gorged so much food I never had a chance to try the desserts - and finally, several months ago, we did! The molten chocolate cake is very satisfying - there is ALWAYS room for the cake! We didn't have it this past weekend, but I also highly recommend the creme caramel with black rice pudding...unique and delicious. Black rice pudding is very healthy as well!

Other items we had:
Orzo with crab, spinach, pine nuts; Green Curry; Seared Scallops; Chocolate Cake with blueberries.

Overall, we had a good dinner experience - minus the uber keen servers asking us constantly if we were going to finish what was on the plate (it was delicious, why wouldn't we!?). I recommend a late dinner seating vs the early one if available - they are always busy and hurried to turn the tables over. On the upside, if you ever need a good early dinner, there is generally room at Lee. Can't go wrong :)

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