Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Comfort Udon at Manpuku Eatery

Manpuku is a modern Japanese eatery tucked away inside the Village by the Grange. We never would have found it without out neighbour's recommendation (thanks!). The first time we visited was shortly after our Japan trip in December - it was an unexpected and comforting reminder of our vacation and now we always think of it that way. As soon as you sit down, order the takoyaki (dough balls stuffed with octopus, rolled and grilled in a yummy sauce). I can't say I was a big fan before Japan - they don't taste right here because people cheap out on the octopus and all you get is dough...but it is worth having at Manpuku. Be warned that if the place is busy, it can take 30min+ to get your takoyaki!

This past weekend, we also had curry beef udon (I inhaled it), and niku udon (beef with onions and sauce). Both were delicious and really inexpensive! We also tried the takosen for the first time, which was essentially takoyaki served with prawn crackers for you to squish them between like a sandwich. It was interesting, but I'm ok just having the takoyaki straight up! I also recommend trying items on the special menu, notably the miso chicken udon.

I loved that we were able to have a comforting and simple Japanese meal for less than $25 on a rainy Friday night.

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