Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Classic Dining Experience at Pangaea in Yorkville

Tony and I were hunting for a place to eat Saturday night and ended up at Pangaea in Yorkville. Walking into the restaurant, I was greeted by a beautiful Hermes Kelly bag from one of the patrons near the door, and on our way to our table, I came across a beautiful grey Chanel sweater on another patron - this gives you an idea of the regular crowd! I'm not sure how long Pangea has been around, but it's as "classic" Yorkville restaurant as any.

To start, I had pork rillette (a spread) served in a mason jar with mini toasts - delicious and homey! We've noticed a number restaurants using the mason jar as a means of serving meals lately, like the poached egg and lobster we had at The Modern in NYC, so I suppose it was very "on trend." Tony's lamb sausage was served on a bed of stewed vegetables and was very flavourful. For mains, I had pheasant served with wild rice and mushrooms - the accompaniment was surprisingly delicious and really made the meal. Tony's liver was grilled and served with stewed lingonberries, it was savoury and exceptionally well done - it's rare to find liver in a high end restaurant and we really enjoyed it. For dessert, I indulged in a light yet delicious banana coconut cream tart and Tony had panacotta with grapefruit. I think my tart was more unique, with a delicious pastry crust and coconut ice cream ball and caramelized bananas.

Pangaea is not a cheap night out but the food quality definitely has a standard - I trust that any meal I have there would be solid. The menu offers many choices and the service was also exceptional - we were seated quickly, given menus and specials right away, and the sommelier made his way over to help us with choices without asking. We mentioned that we were looking to try some new wines we might like to have at our wedding and not only did he recommend 2 great wines by the glass, he also gave us some tips on what to buy, how much, and how to budget. The extra steps in customer service are always much appreciated!

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