Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year In Review: Best Meals On The Road

Tony and I have had an exceptionally busy year travelling and eating - we practically live at the airport! If you can believe it, we've been to Asia, Miami, Vancouver, Vegas, Paris and NYC all in the past 12 months. As the year draws to a close, now is a good time as ever to look back on the delicious meals we've had and the wonderful places we've been!

Japan Dec 08/Jan 09: We spent holidays last year in Japan/HK/Philippines. The best meal we had in Japan was definitely the chirashi we had at Tsukiji Fish Market - the tuna was incredibly fresh (tuna tastes amazing and nothing like in North America), and the uni was sweet and rich like butter. We still lick our lips thinking back to that meal. Had I not been so full I think Tony would have been happy to line-up again and have another bowl. The wait is worth every minute! We weren't allowed to take photos in the small 10 seat restaurant, but here's the menu board outside for a look at what we got to taste. Yum!! Other memorable dishes was a custard we had at a Hokkaido restaurant and these amazing egg and chicken rice bowls we had in the market in the Kyoto Train Station. I cannot wait to go back and eat some more!

Miami March 09: We were in Miami for March Madness this past year, and had the pleasure of eating at Joe's Stone Crab. All the food there is delicious, but you simply cannot go and pass up the sweet and succulent meat of stone crab claws. It was so amazing we went back before we left for the airport - we never want to miss an opportunity for a meal! It is a must stop in Miami, I think we'd go back JUST to eat there.

Vancouver May 09: Vancouver is one of our favourite places in the world to eat. Toronto has more variety, but Vancouver has the best value, and we love it particularly for the fresh seafood and sushi. In our last trip there, we were introduced to a new ramen place: Motomachi Shokudo. It is a healthy alternative to Kintaro's fatty pork ramen, made instead with all organic materials including organic chicken based broth. The highlight was the very unique bamboo charcoal ramen, said to be good for the digestive season.
Vegas June 09:
We love Vegas not because we are gamblers but because it is the ultimate foodie haven. One of our favourite restaurants is Shibuya at the MGM - the sake menu is unmatched and the cooked tapas are a wonderful mix of flavours. The dish that always leaves us pining for more is the lobster and scallop in uni butter. It was so delicious we had no shame asking for a spoon to eat the remaining sauce with rice - apparently that's how the staff eat! Who knows how they are not overweight if that were true, but maybe the waiter was just trying to comfort us :P Another favourite is brunch at Thomas Keller's Bouchon. It is probably the best brunch we have ever had. Most memorable was our friend's corned beef hash! Who knew corned beef hash could be SO delicious.

Paris Oct 09: We had such great food everywhere we went I can hardly pin-point the favourite, but one of the most memorable was the lunch we had at Priori in gallerie Vivienne. The soup was hearty and delicious, and the little cafe was quaint and beautiful. I felt like I could sit there all afternoon. Our meal at Cafe Marly was also pretty unforgettable, sitting under the arches of the beautiful Louvre, I happily inhaled the king crab and guacamole starter followed by a delicious prawn risotto. Our favourite dessert was undeniably the mango panacotta we had at Coup d'Etat. We regret not making a final trip there to take one for the road. I guess there is always next time!

NYC Dec 09:
Can't deny that one of our most memorable eating experiences is at the exclusive 14 seat Momofuku Ko. Our food was unique and delicious, watching the extensive preparation of our 12 course meal by the chefs was part of the great experience. One of my favourites and highlight for the night was the shaved foie gras served with riesling jelly and lychee - so original and tasty.

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