Sunday, November 29, 2009

Butter Chicken of the Sea at Bread Bar!

I pass Bread Bar on my way to and from work everyday. Tony and I finally decided to try it sometime last year. I did not have this blog at the time, but let me tell you, it was an unforgettable meal! It is a bustling restaurant that is great for groups/parties. You may be lucky to have your own table, or be seated at the long communal table - either way, the ambiance is warm and friendly.

On our return visit last night, the first thing I looked for was the "butter chicken of the sea" I affectionately remembered from our initial visit - lobster and prawn in the same makhani sauce. I remember the taste fondly and couldn't wait to have it. Imagine my disappointment to find it was not on the menu. I read and re-read the menu several times before resigning to the fact that the must have replaced this dish with the seafood curry. Of course, I was not ready to give up on the single dish I had returned for so we asked the waiter....and I was THRILLED that it was available, a "special" not on the regular menu. Aren't I glad I asked! I especially loved being able to order something not on the menu...has some kind of insider exclusivity to it.

In addition to the deliciously rich lobster and prawn, we also had a lime lamb shank curry, a nice contrast to the flavours of the makhani sauce, and also saag panner - a spinach and rapini puree with paneer (Indian unsalted cheese). All of this served with basmati rice and garlic naan of course. Bread Bar is actually so named for some of its unique naan offerings, but we were so overwhelmed with the mains already that we ended up going minimal with our accompaniment and sticking to the basics. There's always next time!

Bread Bar is a lovely choice for an indulgent Indian dinner, and probably better celebrated with friends (so you can try more food of course!). It is part of the Amaya group of restaurants, which I have yet to try the others, but I'm sure the name and taste is familiar to some of you. Remember to ask for the butter chicken of the sea - I didn't make the name up, I swear that was on the menu last time!

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