Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eating at the AGO: FRANK

FRANK opened at the renovated Art Gallery of Ontario (a Frank Gehry building!) many months ago, but despite being only a couple blocks away, we have not made our way there - largely because of mixed reviews and my bias against restaurants in hotels/museums/towers etc...I figure the novelty is always inversely related to the quality of the food since it is not their primary raison d'etre. We decided to give it a try anyways and had brunch there last week with our friend and realtor, Holly.

Our food:
- we started by munching on some fries and mushroom perogies. Although the fries were not spectacular, I did like the apple mayo it was served with!
- trout potato hash with poached egg: this was voted the winner all around - the dish was a delicious mix of smoked trout, potato, hollandaise and an expertly poached egg.
- truffled eggs: this was my original item of choice, but it turned out to be fairly disappointing despite my love of ANYTHING with truffle oil. It wasn't quite enough, and there was nothing but egg and a bit of mushrooms.
- seafood pot pie: I enjoyed this comfort dish and it was a nice change from "chicken."

Overall, I thought the brunch was good, there are a couple items I'd like to go back and try. It's a chic place to hang out on a late Sunday afternoon with friends to catch up; but, it was relatively pricey for a casual brunch. The restaurant also did not demonstrate any unique aspects relating it to the AGO or Frank Gehry other than simply being in the same building and sporting his name - it could have been a restaurant anywhere, which was a pity and waste of the space. And randomly, I loved the tea pot and cup I was served with - too bad they didn't sell it in the museum shop, I definitely would have taken it home!

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