Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Fun Food Experience at Madeline's

Our friend Stephen is visiting for the weekend, and we wanted to take him for a good Toronto foodie experience. While Lee has always been a favourite of our's (delicious food, great value), we decided to try Madeline's, where Susur used to be located, and also features tapa style dining. We were pleasantly surprised that Susur was visiting and brought a sample of his Shang tasting menu to Toronto....bonus! Service was great - our waiter recommended a lovely bottle of sauvignon blanc and managed the order of our dishes for the optimal dining experience.

Madeline's menu: This was the highlight of our night. After a light start with the Asian and seafood dishes, we finished our meal with the true features - the meat: duck breast, pork belly, and steak skirt...leaving everyone happy, full, and satisfied!
- carpacio of bison served with garlic chips
- scallop provencal with chorizo
- roasted duck breast with honey chili honey glaze - the sauce was unique and delicious!
- pork belly with currant jam - the pork belly strips were tender and the flavours uniquely complimented by the slightly tarte current jam. hmm!
- steak skirt with peppercorn sauce - we miss our Alberta beef and this reminded us how great beef can be....very tender and of course the sauce makes all the difference!

Shang tasting menu: While we were happy to taste some of Susur's NYC menu (and even happier he was in town cooking!), this was not exceptionally unique or memorable compared with the flavour of the other items we had.
- tuna sashimi served on an oriental spoon
- prawns with ratatouille
- tofu with mushrooms

Dessert: Susur's dessert is among my favourite! I couldn't pass up the molten chocolate cake (to die for!) and the black rice puding and custard. We also tried the expresso chocolate cake - I didn't think it could compare to the molten cake, but it was surprisingly moist and also delicious. NEVER pass up dessert at a Susur restaurant!

We would definitely go again - the menu is diverse, delicious (as expected), service exceptional, and the prices fairly reasonable for the dining experience. A great place for a small party or just a fun night out with good food!

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